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We are committed to growing sustainably without the use of herbicides and conventional pesticides.     Curious to know more:

We believe when you begin with the right variety, whether it be animal, vegetable, or flower, and treat it in the most sustainable way possible, you grow a better quality product.   To us, CSA not only stands for Community Supported Agriculture, but Cultivating Seasonal Appetites by bringing you the best that nature provides. 

Our chickens are free range and pasture raised, which means they have a large fenced area with a coop for roosting and a separate covered area for food and nesting boxes. This gives them the ability to forage outside for bugs and grubs every day, but also be protected from predators. In addition, they sometimes eat leftovers from the garden.

For our crops, we begin with healthy plants and keep them that way. We rotate our vegetable and cut flower crops, intermix with trap crops, and grow cover crops to keep disease and insect pest pressures down. We are committed to growing without the use of herbicides or conventional pesticides. Occasionally, we might need to use alternative methods if an infestation or disease is threatening the entire crop. We do our best to keep this to a minimum.  We pledge to adhere to natural practices to maintain our organic matter and soil diversity on our farm.

Kirk and Allison Creel