Blue Rooster Farms is a small-scale, family farm founded by Kirk and Allison Creel. We are located on a country road just outside Birmingham, AL. We are committed to growing herbicide and pesticide free and adhering to natural practices to maintain soil diversity on our land. We hope to be "growing together" for years to come. Growing not only our farm, but our kids, our love, our faith and our community.

Chickens helping with insect control

Our CSA Options

For 2018, we will have Spring- Summer and Fall memberships available. Each 10 weeks long.

Eggs can be received every 2 weeks or 4 weeks depending on your needs

For 2018, we will have monthly memberships available, beginning in June.

Following the road less traveled and creating our own path.

Cooling off on a hot day

Working with Daddy

Thanks Mom and Dad for helping

Everyone helps out

Someday I can drive

Our Farming Method

Our focus is to plant the right variety, at the right time, in the most sustainable way possible to grow the best quality product we can. To us, CSA not only stands for Community Supported Agriculture but Cultivating Seasonal Appetites by bringing you the best that nature provides.

Kirk and Allison Creel